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Calcana 10 foot patio heater - CA2500


Patio Heaters

The most sophisticated patio heaters for the 21st century patio! Producing gas-fired energy in the form of infrared waves, these heaters creates warm, comfortable environments thereby increasing your outdoor dining season by 70 percent. 

Garage Heaters

For consumers who want a comfortable, care-free lifestyle, the best garage heaters are offered by Calcana. These unique, gas-fired heaters produce infrared waves which heat the objects in the space, rather then the air. These heaters deliver warm dry floors and quiet draft-free heat using 30%-40% LESS fuel then forced air heaters!

Calcana RJ8_5184 garage heater
Calcana outdoor heaters
Outdoor Heaters

Customers can essentially control the weather by using Calcana infrared technology to spot heat the outdoor spaces that they work and play in. The Calcana system uses the combustion of natural gas or propane to generate comfortable infrared energy, which heats the objects beneath it, rather then the air. 

Commercial Heaters

Calcana’s SR Series infrared heaters offers unprecedented performance and superior quality, using 30-40% less fuel then forced air heaters. The SR Series is the largest and most powerful line of commercial infrared heaters available. The contractor’s choice for ease of installation, serviceability, and factory support. 

Calcana industrial heater


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